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Building, operating, and investing in superior cloud-based companies.

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IQventures creates, develops, operates and invests in advanced cloud-based companies.

Our unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and operations discipline provides the foundation to nurture high-growth, high-impact opportunities in the marketplace. 

Leveraging decades of experience in telecom, marketing, data, and risk management, our team is focused on providing best-in-class user experiences that ultimately provide meaningful business impact and ROI for our clientele.


Progressive • Technology-forward • Customer-driven

SpeechIQ is a revolutionary, cloud-based speech analytics and quality management platform that makes it easy to unlock the vast amount of data within your call recordings. An exceptionally easy to navigate platform makes it simple to analyze calls for compliance, script adherence, sales effectiveness, and more. It’s the perfect tool to help drive agent productivity, operations efficiency and improved customer engagement.

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Account logic is an advanced cloud-based identity and account verification platform designed to dramatically decrease your exposure to fraudulent transactions. Through a proprietary combination of tools, including device identification and behavioral analysis, Account Logic relieves your company from the arduous task of manual account verification, while helping to prevent fraud and ID theft.

Visit AccountLogic is a complete managed services solution for telecom and network services. Offered as a bundle or individually, services include a feature-rich VoIP phone platform, ISP Management, Network Management via SD-WAN, Server/Desktop Management, and Wireless Backup. is easy to deploy, scalable, and perfect for one location or thousands.


Adtrek is a marketing technology platform that specializes in customer acquisition, via online lead and demand generation. Through content, data and analysis, the solution helps deliver an optimal mix of leads to each of its clients.

Fugent provides financial services' distribution and marketing teams with an integrated technology suite that helps create personalized experiences and builds relationships with target advisors. Through an integrated Scheduling Assistant, Engagement Management platform, Branded Digital Presence, and Distributed Content Library; Fugent collects data on each interaction and surfaces insights so manufacturers can more easily attract the right advisors with the right experience.

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Based in Columbus, OH and Beverly Hills, Madison and Elm is a high-end reseller of luxury shoes, handbags and accessories.

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Fortified with 20+ years of combined experience and a plethora of industry recognized certifications, we offer expert IT solutions to run your business.

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Entrepreneurial • Focused • Collaborative

Nick Bandy

Managing Partner

Nick has 25+ years of executive leadership experience in the marketing and technology space, serving private, PE-backed, and public organizations.

John Detwiler

Managing Partner

John has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader of technology-based organizations, specializing in product innovation and new market development.

Dan Easley

Managing Partner

Dan has over 20 years of executive leadership experience. Throughout his career, Dan has founded, grown and exited numerous companies in the technology space.

William Henry

Managing Partner

William has 15 years experience as a technology entrepreneur and leader, specializing in the development and implementation of cloud-based platforms.


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