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Building, operating, and investing in superior cloud-based companies.

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IQventures creates, develops, operates and invests in advanced cloud-based companies.

Our unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, and operations discipline provides the foundation to nurture high-growth, high-impact opportunities in the marketplace. 

Leveraging decades of experience in telecom, marketing, data, and risk management, our team is focused on providing best-in-class user experiences that ultimately provide meaningful business impact and ROI for our clientele.


Progressive • Technology-forward • Customer-driven

Nextgen Payment Services is creating an end-to-end payments platform that encompasses ACH and Instant Push Payments. We make it easy for companies and their customers to start sending and collecting payments.

BridgeFi provides an easy to use platform that connects Financial Institutions to Customers through Merchants at the Point-of-Sale.

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Account Logic is an advanced cloud-based identity and account verification platform designed to dramatically decrease your exposure to fraudulent transactions. Through a proprietary combination of tools, including device identification and behavioral analysis, Account Logic relieves your company from the arduous task of manual account verification, while helping to prevent fraud and ID theft.

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Servicing solutions for credit issuers that leverages technology and contact center services.

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